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These are the Things I Want for My Child with ADHD

There's so much I wish for all of my boys. Happiness, peace, love, laughter, lasting friendships - all the usual things parents want for their children. But I worry more about my oldest who has ADHD. The world can be cruel; people can be mean. Not everyone understands him or cares to take the time to try. I have more fear about his future than my other boys. Boys who can sit still in class, remember their homework (and underwear, for that matter). Boys who pick up on social cues and know when to stop trying so hard with people, who know when to quiet down or back off.

I’m doing everything I can to help my ADHD son find his way in this world, and there’s so much I want for him.

I want him to never give up his silly side just to fit in. I want him to be confident enough to continue to dance like a deranged chicken, to sing loudly and laugh even when he knows he has the words wrong.

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