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Impulse-Control Strategies for Students with ADHD

For children with attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder who are ruled by their impulses calling out in class or pushing to the front of the line comes naturally. These kids live in the moment, undeterred by rules or consequences.

Lack of impulse control may be the most difficult ADHD symptom to change. Medication can help, but kids also need clear expectations, positive incentives, and predictable consequences if they are to learn to regulate their behavior.


Lead your students in compiling a list of class rules.

Include some that are difficult for ADDers, such as "Always raise your hand to ask for help." Be sure to define each rule: What does it mean to "Use materials appropriately?"

In general, discipline should be immediate.

If one student pushes another on the playground, for example, have him sit out part of recess. A delayed consequence -- such as after-school detention -- doesn't work for kids who have trouble anticipating outcomes.

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To finish reading the full list, visit the ADDitude website:

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