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To the Anxiety that Makes Life Extremely Hard for My Daughter with Autism

To my daughter's Anxiety,

It’s been a while since you and I fell out. Today you made me angry even though I wasn’t your target. You see my daughter is 6 and has autism. It makes her day to day life extremely hard at times as she attempts to navigate the world and find her place. It’s not helpful when you come along and add to the mounting stress she already feels. I know you often tag along with your friend, autism; you seem to be closely connected.

We had a lovely playdate arranged with some close friends in a park we often visit. The school holidays throw her out of her comfort zone but she copes really well with planning. It should have been a lovely day. Plan we did, prompt we did. We talked it through loads and off we went. But some days there just isn't enough planning in the world and you seem to grab her regardless. My beautiful girl was crying, screaming and kicking the seat in the car. She hit her little brother and she threw whatever she could get a hold of. She refused to get out of the car so we sat there, her crying and her brother unsure. You had her, and you were winning.

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