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What I Really Mean When I Tell You to "Be Careful"

I know you think I’m foolish, that you are outgrowing my need for concern. You think I’m being overprotective, treating you like a little girl. You are getting ready to start high school soon, mature beyond your years. What I wish you could understand, really take onboard, is when I say “be careful” what those words really mean. What I’m really trying to say is …

Be careful with your heart. I know from experience how easily it can be shattered. Don't offer it to the wrong person. Some will take it without consideration and use it for their own devices. They will waste its precious resources and leave you feeling worthless before you've ever noticed. If that happens a few times, you will begin to build a wall around you. A wall so thick and impenetrable that when the right one comes along, it will take them years to break through. You are worthy of so much more.

Be careful how you treat people. This matters more than any single thing you will do in your life.

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