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This is Why We Will Never Stop Going Out in Public

I see posts and articles frequently about public outing nightmares with children with autism. I relate to almost every single one of them. I have noticed that most of them aren't about a meltdown at Disney World or the park, it's almost always the grocery store or some other mundane outing that isn't a nice to have, it's a must have. We all have to buy groceries. We all have to drop our children off at school. We all have to go to medical appointments. The list of have-to-haves goes on and on. Lining up childcare every time we have to do one of these things is just not realistic and can get very expensive. Not only that, but some of our children have such severe separation anxiety that leaving them with someone is equally as traumatic as an outing

We have the issue that anytime we go into a store, our son gets highly anxious about the loud speaker and the beeping at the registers. So much so that he usually throws things when it's time to check out, or covers his ears and cries when they use the loud speaker. He also gets very upset if there is another child crying (even if that child is three aisles over) and it can send him into a tailspin from which we cannot always recover.

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To finish reading the full story, visit the Autism Speaks website:

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