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5 Ways to Get Your Family Around the Dinner Table Again

If eating on the go or on the couch is more normal than not, here's how to reboot and gather your family around the dinner table again.

Have you ever stopped to think about how much "family time" you get on a weekly basis?....Research shows that families who eat together benefit in more ways than one. Sitting down to share meals boosts communication and strengthens relationships. Kids who regularly enjoy family meals around the table statistically perform better in school and tend to make better choices, even under peer pressure, about alcohol, drugs, sex, etc. They also tend to learn better nutrition habits that transition into their teen years and adulthood.

But there's one problem. If you've been eating on the go or on the couch for months—maybe even years—you may wonder how will you ever get the rest of the gang back on board. Here are five ways to get the whole family around the dinner table again:

1. Give them a choice.

Let family members take turns choosing what's for supper. Allowing them to feel some control and responsibility adds to their enthusiasm and desire to take part.

2. Create theme days

Believe it or not, kids really do love structure, and knowing that it's "Taco Tuesday" provides them with security and excitement.

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