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How to Train Children to Receive Holiday Gifts Graciously

My Czech mother started training the six of us with the thank-you process early.

Early in our childhood, she taught us to say “Thanks for the warm kolaches” as they came piping hot out of the oven every holiday. There is so much value to these childhood lessons.

As adults with children, nieces, nephews, Godchildren and grandchildren of our own, we demonstrate thankfulness when receiving holiday gifts and kind gestures throughout the year.

Set an example

Research suggests that merely talking about graciousness, saying “thank you,” and being considerate of others isn’t nearly as effective as demonstrating the behavior we want our children to emulate. As our children grow up, take every opportunity to demonstrate graciousness by saying “thank you” and “thanks,” so they learn to mimic us. Remember, imitation is the highest form of flattery.

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