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When every moment of childhood can be recorded and shared, what happens to childhood?

The boys in the YouTube videos always land their bottles perfectly upright. Max Cole has spent hours studying their routine, and now, his own viewers are waiting: Empty half the blue juice. Hold the Powerade bottle by its cap. Flip it into the air and–

“Dude!” Max shouts. “It landed!”

Max, who is 6, waves his arms. He knows just how to overreact to get his audience excited, what makes them click “thumbs up” and comment and subscribe. He jumps. He wiggles his hips. He does the dab, a dance move that looks like he’s sneezing into his elbow.

“Oh, my gosh!” he yells. “That is insane!”

But no one is watching.

For more, please read the story on The Washington Post



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