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Me, My Autistic Son, and Meltdowns in Public

Alex is a sweet boy.

He’s happy all the time, and he’s rarely ever sad or unhappy. He has a glowing report at school, and if we were to write a report at home for him, it’d be a superior, glowing one too. Chances are, we’d not have much to say bad about him, because he does as he’s told, behaves most of the time and tries to please us as well as try and get his own way.

His relationship with us as parents is really good. He receives kisses and hugs from both Mummy and Daddy randomly and when he needs it. And we're forever telling him that we love him. I was reading Charlie and the Chocolate Factory to him last night and out of the blue he came out with:

"Daddy, I love you very much."

And that made my heart melt there and then. Because emotions are hard for Alex, he doesn’t process them like a neuro-typical child. I’d expect most of his classmates would be comfortable deciding what to do in the playground, and if it gets boring then they’d move onto something more satisfying. Not my son. He stops what he’s doing and then does nothing else. He has to actively be told that he can do other things and where they are, but that’s autism for you.

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To finish reading the full story, visit the Huffington Post: Parents website:

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