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Why My Husband and I High-Fived when our Autistic Son Started Lying to his Teacher

(As appeared on the Fatherly website, pulled from syndication on the Medium website, a community of parents and influencers with insights about work, family, and life)

My husband and I recently received a note home from the school teacher of our 8-year-old son, Casey. She wanted to inform us that Casey had been caught lying about a misdeed, and that this wasn’t the first time. Our response? We whooped and high-fived.

Yes, that’s right — we gave each other a high-5. Why?

Because lying is a developmental milestone that Casey hadn’t yet reached. You don’t realize how important deceit is in day-to-day social interaction until you have a kid who can only speak truths. Loudly. In public places.

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To finish reading the full story, visit the Fatherly website:

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