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Teen with Autism Didn't Think He Could be a Barista; Then He Started Dancing

[Video available to view at the link below.]

Sam thought he'd never be able to get a job as a barista. The Toronto teen has autism wiht a movement disorder, and feared he wouldn't be able to work behind a coffee counter because of the sudden movements he sometimes makes.

But the manager at a local Starbucks believed in him and gave him a chance. Sam is now thriving at his new job thanks to an unexpected medium: dance.

In a viral video posted on YouTube this week by Carly Fleischmann, Sam is seen doing a java jive while whipping up Starbucks beverages. According to Fleischmann, who herself has autism and has blogged extensively about her experiences, the Starbucks manager was the person who encouraged Sam to “channel his movements into dance.”

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To finish reading the full article and view the video clip, visit The Huffington Post: Community Kindness website:

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