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25 Truths Special Needs Parents Wish Others Understood This Thanksgiving

The holidays can be stressful for anyone, but for kids with special needs and their families, extra challenges sometimes pop up - routine disruptions, food-centric days, questions from unfamiliar relatives and more. It can be an overwhelming time, to say the least.

To help spread some empathy, The Mighty asked parents of children with special needs what they wish others could understand on Thanksgiving.

This is what they had to say:

1. "My son will eat a hotdog. And that's OK." - Annie Selle

2. "The fact that my son with sensory processing disorder (SPD) looked at you and acknowledged you is like him giving you a bear hug. He isn't being rude, and please don't make him have a meltdown by forcing a hug. Please remember it's the little things, like him handing you his blanket or favorite toy, that say more than 'I love you.' They say, 'I trust you and want to share the things I love with you.'" - Cassandra Coogan

3. "We can only do one get together per matter how many family members want us to be present at their houses. We just can't; the stress of transition is just too much! (No matter how many offers of goodies you have!)" - April Watson Evans

4. "When my kiddo is ready to go, we go. It's not personal." - Shirene Janson Kocian-Petty

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To finish reading the full list, visit The Mighty website:

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