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America's Most Admired Lawbreaker: Chapter 15, The Verdict...And 'Moving On'

'Very Full, Pendulous Women's Breasts'

The following are excerpts from Tom Kline’s closing argument for the plaintiff:

Ivo Caers confirmed for us Table 21 was never reported to the FDA. … We know now what’s behind the tables: The little girls with the lactating breasts … and the little boys even under ten who have gynecomastia. My word.

And when Dr. Kessler told us, ‘Red flag. This isn’t cherry picking.’ When a pharmaceutical company acting reasonably and prudently has this kind of data, they investigate it, they report it, they tell the FDA. They tell the doctors. They tell the world. They don’t just go on selling, selling, selling, selling the drug. … Oh, and giving it away in doctor after doctor’s offices.

Janssen [said] to the FDA: ‘A review of the safety information did not show a correlation between prolactin levels and adverse events that are potentially attributable to prolactin.…’

The opposite of Table 21.

And by the end you see what happened. He had full breasts … very full, pendulous women’s breasts, and today, after losing some weight, has the rock in the sock. Size 46 double D breasts. … Tell me anybody in your life that has size 46 double D women’s breasts, any boy that you know who has size 46 double D women’s breasts that he got from puberty. …

Now look at him. Behind that beautiful smile … is the remnants of this horrible drug. All they had to do was tell the truth, the full truth, and nothing but the truth. Like when you put your hand on the Bible.

My word, he had breast buds, they developed into women’s breasts.

So please, please remember that in this case it’s really important for Austin, and through his mother, Benita. And I have just been the person who has had the good grace to be the one to argue to you.

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To read Chapter 15 in its entirety and view the accompanying materials online, visit The Huffington Post: Highline website:

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