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Boredom as a Teaching Opportunity

Dear Parents,

You and your kids are currently in the midst of the summer wherever you may be and your kids are probably complaining about boredom every now and then. I know about this all too well. The teens and tweens tell me about this. Parents complain about not knowing how to handle it. Oh the irony. During the school year many kids wish that they had free time to worry about. I remember being a teen and also being told to clean out my closet when I complained about boredom. That suggestion didn't make me happy nor did I clean my closet. So, let's flesh out this discussion of teens and boredom.

First, let's discuss boredom among your kids. They generally start complaining about it when they feel unoccupied and/or unstimulated. I am very concerned that this generation of teens has a particularly hard time with free time given how intensely they are pushed to be involved in activities. My friends and I remember a time when we would all go outside and find things to do because parents encouraged social contact and fresh air. Those days and requests are sadly lacking. I'm concerned that kids are losing the ability to be alone or even how to utilize spare time with their friends unless there is a very specific activity already set up. I'm also concerned that much of their free time includes being at one with their social media modalities.

Now, not all boredom leads to positive outcomes. When teens are bored they can turn to drugs, alcohol, and other dangerous behavior. On the other hand, boredom, if handled properly, can lead kids to become more creative, be more active, learn how to relax adn develop a high level of comfort with themselves. ....

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