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How to Boost Your Child's Self-Esteem: ADHD Parenting Advice

Many kids with ADHD and learning disabilities also struggle with poor self-esteem. Here's how parents can help.

When children feel good about themselves, everything goes a little easier for them and their parents. But poor self-esteem is a big problem for ADHD children--and an even bigger problem for the 50 percent or so of ADHD children who also have learning difficulties.

To feel good about themselves, children need two things: the sense that they're successful, both socially and academically, and unconditional love from their parents. If either ingredient is missing, a child will have a hard time developing a sense of self-esteem.

A child might reveal his unhappiness by saying, "I hate my life" or "No one likes me" or "I'm just dumb."

Does your child say or do things that suggest that he feels he isn't "good enough" or is unworthy of love? Do her words or behavior suggest that she feels like a failure at school? That her peers aren't especially fond of her, or that she is otherwise unsuccessful socially?

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