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10 Things I Swore I'd Never Do when I became a Parent...I Do Every Day

For today's Top 10 Tuesday, I thought I would share some of my stellar parenting moments...

I miss the days when I was a perfect mother with a perfect know, when I was childless and still swimming in self-righteous parenting ignorance.

I'm pretty sure the saying, "Never say never.", came from parents saying it to non-parents. So far, almost all of my pre-parent, I will nevers... I have done. Here are 10 of my top "Nevers" that I do and say on a regular basis...

1. I will never let my kid do that in public! Run through the store; have a meltdown; make a huge mess; talk back...

HA! It's like a freaking regular occurrence!

2. I will never say all of the stupid things my mom said to me! I say it all daily... "Don't make me turn this car around!" "You can sit there all night until you eat your veggies!" "Do you want something to cry about?" <---- I thought that was the all time stupidest thing my mom ever said! I WAS crying, clearly I HAD something to cry about! Now that I'm a mom...yeah, the s*** kids cry that's stupid!

3. I will never give my kid choices. It's my way, I am the mother. HAHAHA! What a load of crap! Choices make the toddler world go round. They need to feel like they have some sort of control of the situation. That's how it's done!

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To finish reading the rest of the list, visit the "First Time Mom & Dad" blog:

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