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These High-Tech Shirts and Pants can Help Protect Kids with Autism

By Damon Beres, associate editor of Huffington Post: Tech

Many children with autism are prone to wandering away from their home or supervised space. While parents of these children face the daunting task of keeping tabs on them at all times, a GPS-equipped clothing line designed specifically for these families aims to help.

Nearly half the parents of children with autism said their youngster had tried to wander off or run away at least once after age 4, and most said the child was gone for "long enough to cause worry," according to a 2012 study. Former CNN correspondent Lauren Thierry -- whose teenage son, Liam, has autism -- is stepping up to change these statistics.

In 2014, Thierry founded Independence Day Clothing, which offers shirts and pants that can help track down a child in the event he or she goes missing.

"One out of every 68 babies born today is going to fall somewhere on the autism spectrum. We're talking about 4.3 million people. I was shocked that someone else hadn't come up with it," Thierry said of her idea for clothes outfitted with tracking devices.

Unlike many other pieces of wearable tech, which are worn around the wrist or ankle, ID Clothing's GPS units slip inside a soft pocket sewn into each garment. There aren't any uncomfortable wires sewn into the apparel, either.

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To finish reading the full article, visit "The Third Metric" blog on The Huffington Post website:

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