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Will Social Anxiety Keep Your Child From Succeeding in School?

By Phyllis Foxworth, Director of Advocacy at the Depression & Bipolar Support Alliance (DBSA), as written on PsychCentral

With the ringing of the first classroom bell to signal the start of a new school year, two images often come to mind: children excited about seeing old friends and their favorite teacher, or the endearing scene of a shy child clinging to his mother’s leg.

But what if the latter scenario is not as innocent as popular culture depicts? In the most recent Care For Your Mind (CFYM) series, experts associated with the Anxiety and Depression Association of America shed light on a debilitating but little known disorder, social anxiety disorder (SAD) that effects 12% of youth. Often first appearing in grade school, this disorder can be treated and managed with the right support and professional help.

To continue reading the full story, visit PsychCentral:

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