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Comply Or Defy, ADHD Reaction To Routine And Structure

By Kelly Babcock, author of the blog, "ADHD Man of DistrAction" on PsychCentral

I’ve written about routine and structure before. I’ve blatantly stated: “Structure good, routine bad!”

And I’ve explained it. Structure allows some freedom within it’s confines, providing more of a guide to life. Routine allows no freedoms, providing instead a regimen that allows no room for creativity or variety.

But even structure can be somewhat stultifying. If structure provides a guide, for instance, to let you know what needs to be done, once you start taking care of those things you perceive a schedule or routine.

Once that routine is perceived, you’re going to do one of two things. You will comply, or you will defy.

No way out!

To continue reading the full story, visit the "ADHD Man of DistrAction" blog on PsychCentral's website:

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