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Anxiety And Kids: When To Worry About An Anxious Child

By Jerome Bubrick, PhD, of the CHILD MIND INSTITUTE

Kids worry. Whether it’s fear of the dark, starting at a new school, or getting another pimple, children can take life very seriously. But some kids worry more than others. It’s always painful to watch a child suffer from anxiety, but it’s especially difficult if you’re not sure whether she’s worrying too much and might need help.

The difference between normal worry and anxiety disorders is the severity and duration of the anxiety. While feeling anxious is a natural and even healthy reaction to stressful situations, anxiety becomes a disorder when it interferes with a child’s ability to handle everyday situations, or prompts her to avoid things that most people her age enjoy.

To continue reading the full story, and learn more about guidelines for distinguishing different types of anxiety disorders from ordinary anxiety, visit The Huffington Post: Parents website:

This story is part of Speak Up for Kids, an annual public education program held during National Children's Mental Health Awareness Week in May.

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